Do it!

I read this somewhere and I thought it was quite interesting. Can be considered like a life mission statement.

“Write a book. Or an ebook. Write poetry and publish it on the web. Create interesting, lovely or funny videos, put them on You Tube. Be passionate. Write a web app that will solve a problem in people’s lives. Become a watchdog to replace the faltering newspapers. Explore the world, and blog about it. Try something you’ve always been afraid to try, and put it on video. Be yourself, loudly. Start a new company, doing only one thing, but doing it very well. Start a business that does a service you’ve always wanted, or that you are frustrated with in other companies because the service sucks. Put your heart into something. Say something that no one else dares to say. Do something others are afraid to do. Help someone no one else cares to help. Make the lives of others better. Make music that makes others want to weep, to laugh, to create. Inspire others by being inspiring. Teach young people to do amazing things. Write a play, get others to act in it, record it. Empower others to do things they’ve never been able to do before. Read, and read, and then write. Love, and love, and then help others to love. Do something good and ask others to pass it on. Be profound. Find focus in a world without it. Become minimalist in a world of dizzying complexity. Reach out to those who are frustrated, depressed, angry, confused, sad, hurt. Be the voice for those without one. Learn, do, then teach. Meet new people, become fast friends. Dare to be wrong. Take lots and lots of pictures. Explore new cultures. Be different. Paint a huge mural. Create a web comic. Be a dork, but do it boldly. Interview people. Observe people. Create new clothes. Take old stuff and make new stuff from it. Read weird stuff. Study the greats, and emulate them. Be interested in others. Surprise people. Start a blog, write at least a little each day. Cook great food, and share it. Be open-minded. Help someone else start a small business. Focus on less but do it better. Help others achieve their dreams. Put a smile on someone’s face, every day. Start an open-source project. Make a podcast. Start a movement. Be brave. Be honest. Be hilarious. Get really, really good at something. Practice a lot. A lot. Start now. Try.”

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Yet another one

Turn into a doll made of wood: it has no ego, it thinks nothing, it is not grasping or sticky. Let the body and limbs work themselves out in accordance with the discipline they have undergone

So I start another blog again. This is my fourth one. I don’t use the others anymore. This would be my last blog. If I need I will come back to this and not create a new one like I usually do.I will not blog for the sake of blogging, I will write only when I have something to write.

Posts before this are from my old posts to keep my memories alive. I am not anymore the person who wrote the posts below.

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Memories-November 26,2007

‘For this is what we do. Put one foot forward and then the other. Lift our eyes to the snarl and smile of the world once more. Think. Act. Feel. Add out little consequence to the tides of good and evil that flood and drain the world. ….. For as long as fate keep waiting, we live on. God help us. God forgive us. We live on’-this was the last paragraph from shantaram.

I finally finished the book.Started it in the airport waiting to catch the flight from bombay to dallas.Its been 15 months and 22 days.I am not a slow reader…noone can be that slow.One reason is that i hardly read anymore.More importantly i did not want to finish this book.This kept my memories of bombay alive.Life is all about the memories you have.That is what this book will be to me and the reason for posting this paragraph here is to keep it alive.

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Mediocrity-October 17,2007

Yes…that defines what my life is.My life has been a whole lot of averages.I am average at pretty much everything i do.Yeah i do a lot of things…but i am not too good at any of them nor am i too bad.So where does that leave me…mediocre!I am of average height…average looks…being a comp science student im an average programmer, i am about average in all my classes.I am an average bass player who gets to play only in mediocre bands.I love football so much…but im pretty much …you guessed it…an average player.There isn’t a single thing i do well.Twenty three years of existence…nothing!

But it wasn’t always like this.I used to be pretty good at things when i was in school.Like before i was 11-12 years of age.I used to be good at a lot of things and had awesome potential(i know im bragging…but next sentence will explain its not).So considering the mean/average life i have,my early life being good and current life being average,where does that leave the latter part of my life….horrible?

I don’t like the way things are going…signing off now

Average Sandeep

Heck even this blog is average!

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We got time for one more…-September 24,2005

We got time for one more…1..2..3..4..

What the fuck is this world

Running to?

You didn’t leave a message

At least I could have

Learned your voice one last time.

Daily minefield

This could be my time

How ’bout you?

Would you hit me?

Would you hit me?

Thats how i see it…I rock…the extra song we are gonna be playing when farhad wadia comes and says his typical ‘One more…’ to the band that receives the best crowd response.

Three problems:

1.The last irock is this year

2.We ain’t good enough to play at i rock

3.We can’t play Porch anyways.:)

Sad that i won’t even be able to go for the last i rock.Busy week coming up.Parents coming on Sunday,my toefl on Monday(writing this on sat night…i still don’t know anything about toefl…not even the pattern),going to shirdi on tuesday and parents leaving on sat…so 1st day of irock is definitely out of the question.I so wanted to watch Vayu.I could go for the second day…but then i wasn’t that interested for the second day anyways and i don’t have anyone to go with.Most of my friends are going only for the first day….have to think about that.

Since my blog entries are so far and wide i have a lot to write…but ill summarize whatever i got to say. I went to shivneri last sunday.Just 4 of us…me,sundaram,phatak and pain.First of just four of us was kinda odd(i really don’t know why…maybe coz it wasn’t like 4 guys and it wasn’t like it was 2 couples either…hmm…anyways as Mr.vidhate used to say …Anyways)Trip was really great …lots of things happened.In short…It took us 5 hrs than the expected 3…we got shivaji-like treatment in a small restaurant in junnar(finger bowl et al)…walked 2 and half hrs than the expected half an hr(half an hr my ass!!!!!).Now here is where it baffles me….Why is shivaji given so much credit?My history ain’t that good.Was in ICSE…we had to learn about stupid British prudes than our indian heroes.Firstly he didn’t win any big battles.The ones he won were coz he broke some codes of war…he attacked at night!Secondly he is famous because he resisted mughal attacks for 6-7 months.Which is not that great if you see where he built his magic fort.Its on top of a freakin steep cliff.There is no way anyone could ahve reached there in 6-7 months.Hence Aurangzeb took that long to reach up there.And the best part is …there is no freakin fort!!!!The gates are big…but where is the fort.That is what confused Mr.Aurangzeb too…he expected the fort to be big…hence he got a large army…thus taking 6-7 months.And hence elevating Shivaji to become the biggest celebrity in Bombay….oops sorry Mumbai(yeah rite after what i have written above…i don’t think i can be pardoned by shiv sena by saying mumbai instead of bombay 🙂 )

Alrite so after we see the magical fort…our trip back home was slightly eventful.The bus back home could not continue coz the road was blocked…there was some accident.So we had to take a lift back to chakan…a bus from there to mumbai.The bus ride was in the driver’s cabin…4+2 of us cramped in there for 5 hrs.

My band looking for gigs now…now that we are kinda good.Gave our profile to jazz(NJJBTB)…couldn’t meet Joe Sequiera…hope he calls back.Got few other places we can try too…if u all know any place…please comment…We will play anywhere 🙂

Thats all for now.

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Born to be Wild-September 11,2005

Dear diary,

I don’t remember the last time i was really really bored…ofcourse i have said i’m bored…but actually being in the state of boredom.A lot of things happen to me…now since this is my blog…here they are in detail…

Just realized im typing exactly a week after my last entry…so ill start with this…i have been mostly studying for my gre this week…but then other trivial things happened too.

Wednesday 8.30 pm-Dhaval calls me up and says he needs my camera to take some fashion designer’s …… photos.Not that i wanted to go…but my camera being something that my father gave it to me like it was excalibur ,i had to go where it goes…so early morning(8 am that is) would be when my freelance photography work starts.I did not keep an alarm,since he said he would call me up before he comes to pick me up…

9.00 am next day…ok…no call….i go to college…sit for lectures(bleh)…looking at my pda(for the uninitiated..that is my nokia 3510 or was it 3530…i dont know..well it stopped most of its functionality and i had been using it with a pen)…to see if any calls came…nothing…alrite…i forget about that whole thing…

1.00 pm-The GS has called for another meeting(he likes calling for meetings…doesn’t he)…this time atleast few came…brilliant idea…Vayu for 3rd day of our festival…which would save us a lot of money and amrock would be saved too…but then a lot of problems…starting with explaning to the dhinchak people who turned for the meeting who Vayu is.

5.00 pm-Sitting in room watching ankit try to open the beer bottle i had left over from our fe night…damn..we need a himanshu to open bottles.After a lot of effort…he finally gets the bottle open.Two things i would like to mention here…firstly the beer is not cold…even with lot of attempt…its not even close to cool… room is in the second floor of the hostel…there is no other room in this floor and i have total freedom of how i use this room(well almost)…both me and my roommate have been kinda low about the fact that we are BEs and havent ‘utilised’ the room properly…so the beer was like a matter of pride.After filling our tummies with warm beer and finding out that its actually more sleep inducing than warm milk or any lecture i have sat in college…aah nice sleep.

5.30 pm-the electricity goes…aah warm beer rocks…nice sleep

5.45 pm-Dhaval calls me up apologetically…wakes me up and takes me to vashi…to meet the fashion designer.She is from UK and started a shop in vashi of all places…apparently she does get a lot of customers.She is like any fashion designer….well dressed(well kinda)…and with a gay assistant whose name is sandy!!!(bastards!!!).ok…after a hectic photo session …we head back…well thats what i think…but then Dhaval gets a call…

9.30 pm-Im sitting at Qwiky’s which is a small attempt at a yuppy hang out place…well there is the vashi yuppy crowd…or what i like to call smoking chicks.I have been listening to 3 people,who might change the world…or atleast bombay,for the past 2 hrs…listening to their plans of something big…meanwhile i meet Teenage Angst vocalist mandesh.Even they seem like they have plans for something big(read stupid)…apparently they have been staying out of shows coz they are not interested anymore and the bombay rock scene is dead…yada yada yada…recording an album…going to fali…yada yada…thats about it….and the converstion drones on…

9.30 am-Friday-Leave my hostel for the station …me and sundaram going to see our gre test centre…trying to make it there by the time parshva is done with his test.The bastard got 1540 in his test…and i thought kaushik’s 1560 was just some luck.It couldnt have happened to 2 people…

3.00 pm-A small treat later…im with aditi in a rick to vile parle…like news bulletins we get messages and calls to alert us of the torrential rains where we are headed…so we had to turn back…

4.30 pm-Center One,Vashi…i’m coming here after a long time…and the crowd has turned ghaatier than ever…i was hoping i wouldn’t be spotted here…saw college freshers and i cringed…Met DJ CKB alias chut ka bhoot.Apparently he has given his cds to some seniors…sadly i didnt know any of those seniors…so could not confirm.He also said i could buy if i wanted from planet m…but..but…listen to this…its not under his name …but his studio.Mader#$%! Will this guy ever stop??Then bought few t-shirts from pantaloons…maybe aditi’s choice mite help me look better…maybe…hmmm(pondering…hmmm)

5.15 pm…im the proud owner of a new phone…motorola e398…that must have been the fastest buy in that shop…i would have bought it sooner hadnt aditi taken so long to reach the shop.

6.30 pm-Me in college…coz the sports secretary wanted keys to the suc room.Reach there to find dhaval,hegde,ET,navneet,amber and baba ogling at some medical babe playing basketball.They liked my new phone…coz they could photograph the girl!!Also had my third attempt at learning how to ride a bike…this time it was successful…coz i had 4 people teaching me how to.I just need to practice now…then i just need to put Born to be wild on my mp3 player and im set to hit the road 🙂

11.30 pm-Sleeping nicely even without warm beer.

I think ill end my blog here…………….more dots

Good night diary

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Keep on rocking in the free world-September 03,2005

Typing here after a real long time.I had lost interest in blogging.Exactly a month later i’m blogging again.Its 2 in the night and pearl jam is playing on my wmp.

I’m in that kind of mood where i’m confused about what exactly i’m supposed to feel.Will elaborate on that in a while.

August has been one of the best month of my life.And i’m so thankful to whomever i’m supposed to be. Started with me finding out that i had lost my atm card.And i was realizing it a whole 2 weeks after i had actually lost it.Luckily no loss other than the loss of the card…i even had my college fees in my account.Called up icici and they said it would take 22 working days for me to get it.Now how can they say this so accurately…why 22 days?Is it a 22 step procedure to make a card??why does it take so long anyways??As i’m writing this i still haven’t got my card…it apparently went from bank to courier service to my hostel to courier service to hostel to courier service and now its on its way back to the bank. Not to go deep into the bad things in life…the good things that happened would be…my band Silent Lucidity recorded 2 songs in the studio.Not fully done yet…should be getting it soon.

I got my 6th sem results…finally good marks…got 69 %…aditi got 72… is great and coz of life being so incredibly great…i was elligible for placements in college(totally Five Point Someone)…and yeah i got placed…Godrej Infotech…didn’t even have to tell i fantasize parmeshwar godrej :)….hehe…there’s some gross thought for everyone.

The past 1 week has been hectic…was practicing for our FE nite.After four days of practice,the function turned out to be a disaster.We usually get a DJ for our disc.The same guy handles sound while the hindi musicals and rock show is going on.But we have been getting the same guy for the past 7 years.So everyone was bored of him…so we called a new guy.He was a good DJ…but he didn’t know anything about sound management.He messed up everything.We couldn’t even play half the songs we practiced.Anyways practice will not go to waste…can play these songs in the next function,which will be next semester.About the rock show…the sound was so bad…we didn’t care about how we sounded …so we went all out on stage presence…wish i had more photos…but aditi didn’t take many…!!!!That could have been the only time in my life when i would be lying down and playing.Damn.

Anyways…the fe nite…although a disaster…was major fun.After this we left for dinner and came back to college.Raj and himanshu(seniors) were there…so we decided to jam up a bit.It was super fun…lots of people and booze.The electricity went after a while…we needed light…so we lit a bonfire in the room…hehe…well the power came back as soon as we packed everything in and came out of the room. Later we went to hegde’s house…its like a separate building for them…its a nice place…cheap too.All of us spoke about stuff…had food and slept.Five of us sleeping together…and me literally sleeping with the RAGS(RAIT Gay Society) chairman…ganna.

Had to wake up early and go to college to return the amp and speaker to the college….(damn…i have become puneet mittal).Anyways…after i returned the speaker…i had taken ashley’s i card…i remember putting it in my pocket.I haven’t seen it since then…have been searching it everywhere…still haven’t found it.God save me…While searching for it,i was going through some of the stuff in my table drawer…i got some of the things from first and second year and for some weird coincidence…a sad song like Pearl Jam-Black had to play.Got me very nostalgic…about the times in first year…i seriously wish i could go back…wish i had met aditi then…would things have been this great…i have only 2 friends in first year…they seem to be my only friends still.People came and people went.I have realised how weird and sick people can get?How weird and sick am i for them?I’m in that kind of mood where i’m confused about what exactly i’m supposed to feel.Should i be sad that ill never get this time back again or should i be happy that it happened?

I have my gre in 13 days and i still can’t write anything good.


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It rained a bit!-July 29,2005

My net wasn’t working till now and i was not going to type this.But what the hell,i don’t have anything else to do…or do i??

[11.00 PM RAIT,Nerul](imagine it coming on the tv screen like in Jag…adds a serious touch to it)I have nothing to do in college…nothing at all,just wait and talk to people.Himanshu and me wait and look at potential first years.Few come and ask about the college and one guy even gives me a punch on the shoulder…hmmm…hope he joins the college.

The rest of the story is with manas tagging along,so won’t be mentioning that.Anuj came to college after a long time.The bugger got a distinction in the final sem!!what the hell???i thougt things like that don’t exist in engg.A treat ensued…obviously included chicken crispy from kaygees.Reached back in college,but then there were many who got awesome marks,couldn’t have filled my stomach so much.Begged them to come again to college.

I do not know when exactly nor where,but a virus who goes by the name Manass caught me.I do not know for what but he wanted to bug me till the end of the day.why??????????????i was scared!!!

Himanshu had practicals,so me(with manas) and ashley went to himanshu’s place…lol..yeah we went to his place with him stranded in college.Maybe it will turn out like Monica’s place in Friends.It was raining heavily.Now the monsoon has been going on for a while in bombay and i still have never used my windcheater.Never.Didn’t even feel the need to.I had to take it out this time…was raining heavily.We reached his place.Some jokes about Ashley’s ‘gay’ shorts later..Aditicalls me saying she is leaving college now…i resisted her puppy whining sounds…yes!!power to the man!!!Tell himanshu through her to come for band practice fast.

Finally himanshu turns up,sets up his drum kit…oh are we ready to rock?the current goes.We pack up,its raining very heavily now.Manas and me walk to college,water is about ankle deep…i know its nothing.but still my shoes were getting wet..not the best day to wear sneakers.We are whining about the water being filled with dog poop and then we see this guy peeing in the water,right in front of us.Disgusted beyond any limit,we somehow manage to evade the flowing pee.I hope we did.Go to college,take Manas’ bike.He offers to drop me home(well almost).He is being of some use now.Well so i’m finally going home,its about 2 mins from college by bike.

A minute later…we are about knee deep in water.The idiot that manas is,drives the bike right in knee deep water!!!the bike is gone…its dead…its whatever you call it.Its raining damn heavily now.We see another fellow driving the bike into the water.But a mechanic standing by the road actually helps him and his bike is alive!!!We push the bike towards him and he waves us away saying the bike is gone.That is inspiring.Manas makes me push the bike while he is sitting on it to do some push start thing…does this even work????tried it about 5 times.My jeans feels all weird… liked ripped from down till about the knee!!!holy torn jeans.I try folding it up and it doesnt stay above the knee…its like halfway between my knee and feet…and it feels very weird.I feel like tintin!!!we push the bike all the way back to where we started from,find a mechanic..spend a lot of my money and about 2 hrs later…we are back where we started,right in front of the college.This time we take another route…im back home!And find out now that bombay is drowning and its the end of the world!!!Had thoughts about a bearded guy going past the hostel in a big boat and me turning it down coz i will not be able to sleep beside elephants who were making a lot of noise..hmm…i really dont know how to end this.

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Home work!-June 24,2005

No i’m not talking about the stuff that teachers gave us to do at home.This meaning is very alien to me now.I think the last time i did any ‘homework’ was maybe in 6th or 7th…when studies still were interesting.It became something you copied 5 mins before the ‘period’.This was what we used to call it in school,it became lecture since junior college..and it became somehting that we can miss 🙂 no big deal.The ‘homeworks’ became assignments…it still was the same..except it was pages longer and you needed more than 5 mins before  lecture to finish it.

Anyways…im talking about the work i used to do at home,which i know we are supposed to do anyways.But since i wasnt a demanding kid and coz there was no concept of pocket money my parents agreed to give me some money for the ‘extra’ work i do around the house.Extra work comprised vacuum cleaning the whole house,cleaning the fans and stuff…things i would never do now.And i used to be paid 4rs!!!…a month!!!!what the hell was i thinking???Now i know this was a long time back.It was the time when kids my age switched from cartoons to wwf.But i held on to both.It was the time when Bret Hart was cool,undertaker was mysterious and kamala was just funny.All kids could talk about were trump cards and ‘clash’ became a household word.But still 4rs is too less!!!Well this was about the time that i embarked on a new business venture.There were these wwf stickers and postcards…which for some reason,i still dont know,kids would do anything to have.I got the idea from a friend and i used to sell these 1 rupee stuff for as high has 10 rs.The profits were amazing..considering i used to ‘earn’ just 4 rs!Many started after me and it became a big market.This lasted for maybe a year …till my class teacher found out and shut down the whole system.But still the ride was good so were the money,girls and booze(ok well some of em). I guess i was a very intelligent kid long time back…my mom must be right,computers did ruin me!

Now i don’t do any work,i wouldnt even think about charging for this and i don’t even have any business ideas!But i did some small work today which made me actually write about it on my blog!Those were good days!So many memories…some fighting robots thingy,captain seafood(???),swatcats(not sure about spellings and i know cartoons are the first things on this list.cartoons were a big part,i used to wake up at 5.30 in the morning to watch cartoons),goran ivanisevic losing to agassi in wimbledon finals,the amazing match b/w shawn michaels and british bulldog,the mind boggling amount of football that i used to play….good times!

Good bye… clash!

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Blogs-June 19,2005

As you mite have known…i have been in the search of a good blog for my reading pleasure ever since the end of Pman Show.I have read Kriti’s and Sabah’s.Both are differnt kinds of bloggers…one is a life she herself put it on her blog and the other thinks.The comments are kinda lame though.

Why do we create blogs…i know noone’s reading mine…but i still do it…why?Do i think i have a lot of thoughts in me that simply have to be let out to the world..or is it just coz i like typing a lot.(Am i just gonna be a glorified  typist after doing engineering.We are almost computer engineers and im sure more than half of my class wouldnt be able to find # without looking at the damn keyboard)

Me…i’m definitely a life blogger.And what do i get from pouring out my entire day’s activities here…nothing!Why do we do certain things in life?We think there is no reason for some of the thing that happen to us or the things we do.I feel everything has a reason…however lame it might be.there is nothign in this world that cannot be explained.

For this let me introduce you to my old roommate,the roommate i had when i was just an innocent little ‘EFFY’.He was mr.underpants..he’s that coz thats all i have seen him in.I have rarely seen him outside…so i’m obviously referring it to the time when he is in the room.I mean his underpants are like porous for some kinda weird pleasure or ventilation.Anyways..he was one of the most narrow minded person i have ever met(Now meeting a frustrating person is actually a life changing experience for me…I make sure i dont become that person…like i have done so much since i joined RAIT)He used to have abnormal(i use this word only coz i find it exactly opposite to mine) thoughts about various things.He was exactly opposite to me…he was bizarro sandeep(An example would be him considering learning a musical instrument as a hobby pure waste of time…coz u r not going to be using it to make ‘money’ ever in ur life)Due to this contrasting nature,we had so much  to talk about..or rather fight about.There was never a boring day…coz we were always fighting about our ideals.Now in my second year…i moved to another room…and it was supposed to be a good change..coz it was a better room and i was moving in with a ‘friend’.He was a ‘friend’ because we were just friends due to the fact that there weren’t too many options in the hostel.This year was one of the most boring in the hostel,we had nothign to talk about.He agreed to everything i said.I didnt care much about anything he said.i’m not much of a talker…bored him to death,eventually led him to the conclusion that travelling from borivli(i seriously dont know where he stays…could be goregaon also) to nerul everyday would actually be better than staying another day with me.Even though i was so ‘compatible’ with him…it  was such a boring time of my life.I would never want something like this to happen again.Now if anyone asks me who would be a better would definitely be my second yr roommate…but whom would i prefer between the 2 ,then it had to Mr.underpants.Why?seems illogical?but to me …its the most pragmatic answer..and i aint gonna explain it.

How is the above paragraph related to blogs?I dont know…thats the point i’m trying to make.Blogs are like the drawings you did when you were three.You can call something you have drawn an elephant and then colour it violet.And you dont give a damn if anyone liked ur elephant.People don’t really expect much from blogs…ofcourse there are the bloated ego ones who just got to have people viewing and commenting on their blogs.But other than them …blogs are just the bass solos in songs…only the people who understand can hear what you are trying to say.

So i think this ends my violet elephant….Ill be back with a yellow chipmunk soon

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