Blogs-June 19,2005

As you mite have known…i have been in the search of a good blog for my reading pleasure ever since the end of Pman Show.I have read Kriti’s and Sabah’s.Both are differnt kinds of bloggers…one is a life she herself put it on her blog and the other thinks.The comments are kinda lame though.

Why do we create blogs…i know noone’s reading mine…but i still do it…why?Do i think i have a lot of thoughts in me that simply have to be let out to the world..or is it just coz i like typing a lot.(Am i just gonna be a glorified  typist after doing engineering.We are almost computer engineers and im sure more than half of my class wouldnt be able to find # without looking at the damn keyboard)

Me…i’m definitely a life blogger.And what do i get from pouring out my entire day’s activities here…nothing!Why do we do certain things in life?We think there is no reason for some of the thing that happen to us or the things we do.I feel everything has a reason…however lame it might be.there is nothign in this world that cannot be explained.

For this let me introduce you to my old roommate,the roommate i had when i was just an innocent little ‘EFFY’.He was mr.underpants..he’s that coz thats all i have seen him in.I have rarely seen him outside…so i’m obviously referring it to the time when he is in the room.I mean his underpants are like porous for some kinda weird pleasure or ventilation.Anyways..he was one of the most narrow minded person i have ever met(Now meeting a frustrating person is actually a life changing experience for me…I make sure i dont become that person…like i have done so much since i joined RAIT)He used to have abnormal(i use this word only coz i find it exactly opposite to mine) thoughts about various things.He was exactly opposite to me…he was bizarro sandeep(An example would be him considering learning a musical instrument as a hobby pure waste of time…coz u r not going to be using it to make ‘money’ ever in ur life)Due to this contrasting nature,we had so much  to talk about..or rather fight about.There was never a boring day…coz we were always fighting about our ideals.Now in my second year…i moved to another room…and it was supposed to be a good change..coz it was a better room and i was moving in with a ‘friend’.He was a ‘friend’ because we were just friends due to the fact that there weren’t too many options in the hostel.This year was one of the most boring in the hostel,we had nothign to talk about.He agreed to everything i said.I didnt care much about anything he said.i’m not much of a talker…bored him to death,eventually led him to the conclusion that travelling from borivli(i seriously dont know where he stays…could be goregaon also) to nerul everyday would actually be better than staying another day with me.Even though i was so ‘compatible’ with him…it  was such a boring time of my life.I would never want something like this to happen again.Now if anyone asks me who would be a better would definitely be my second yr roommate…but whom would i prefer between the 2 ,then it had to Mr.underpants.Why?seems illogical?but to me …its the most pragmatic answer..and i aint gonna explain it.

How is the above paragraph related to blogs?I dont know…thats the point i’m trying to make.Blogs are like the drawings you did when you were three.You can call something you have drawn an elephant and then colour it violet.And you dont give a damn if anyone liked ur elephant.People don’t really expect much from blogs…ofcourse there are the bloated ego ones who just got to have people viewing and commenting on their blogs.But other than them …blogs are just the bass solos in songs…only the people who understand can hear what you are trying to say.

So i think this ends my violet elephant….Ill be back with a yellow chipmunk soon

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