Home work!-June 24,2005

No i’m not talking about the stuff that teachers gave us to do at home.This meaning is very alien to me now.I think the last time i did any ‘homework’ was maybe in 6th or 7th…when studies still were interesting.It became something you copied 5 mins before the ‘period’.This was what we used to call it in school,it became lecture since junior college..and it became somehting that we can miss ūüôā no big deal.The ‘homeworks’ became assignments…it still was the same..except it was pages longer and you needed more than 5 mins before¬† lecture to finish it.

Anyways…im talking about the work i used to do at home,which i know we are supposed to do anyways.But since i wasnt a demanding kid and coz there was no concept of pocket money my parents agreed to give me some¬†money for the ‘extra’ work i do around the house.Extra work comprised vacuum cleaning the whole house,cleaning the fans and stuff…things i would never do now.And i used to be paid 4rs!!!…a month!!!!what the hell was i thinking???Now i know this was a long time back.It was the time when kids my age switched from cartoons to wwf.But i held on to both.It was the time when Bret Hart was cool,undertaker was mysterious and kamala was just funny.All kids could talk about were trump cards and ‘clash’ became a household word.But still 4rs is too less!!!Well this was about the time that i embarked on a new business venture.There were these wwf stickers and postcards…which for some reason,i still dont know,kids would do anything to have.I got the idea from a friend and i used to sell these 1 rupee stuff for as high has 10 rs.The profits were amazing..considering i used to ‘earn’ just 4 rs!Many started after me and it became a big market.This lasted for maybe a year …till my class teacher found out and shut down the whole¬†system.But still the ride was¬†good so were the money,girls and booze(ok well some of¬†em).¬†I guess i was a very intelligent kid long time back…my mom must be right,computers did ruin me!

Now i don’t do any work,i wouldnt even think about charging for this and i don’t even have any business ideas!But i did some small work today¬†which made me actually write about it on my blog!Those were good days!So many memories…some fighting robots thingy,captain seafood(???),swatcats(not sure about spellings and i know cartoons¬†are the first things on¬†this list.cartoons were a big part,i used to wake up at 5.30 in the morning to watch cartoons),goran ivanisevic losing to agassi in wimbledon finals,the amazing match b/w shawn michaels and british bulldog,the mind boggling amount of football that i used to play….good times!

Good bye… clash!

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