It rained a bit!-July 29,2005

My net wasn’t working till now and i was not going to type this.But what the hell,i don’t have anything else to do…or do i??

[11.00 PM RAIT,Nerul](imagine it coming on the tv screen like in Jag…adds a serious touch to it)I have nothing to do in college…nothing at all,just wait and talk to people.Himanshu and me wait and look at potential first years.Few come and ask about the college and one guy even gives me a punch on the shoulder…hmmm…hope he joins the college.

The rest of the story is with manas tagging along,so won’t be mentioning that.Anuj came to college after a long time.The bugger got a distinction in the final sem!!what the hell???i thougt things like that don’t exist in engg.A treat ensued…obviously included chicken crispy from kaygees.Reached back in college,but then there were many who got awesome marks,couldn’t have filled my stomach so much.Begged them to come again to college.

I do not know when exactly nor where,but a virus who goes by the name Manass caught me.I do not know for what but he wanted to bug me till the end of the day.why??????????????i was scared!!!

Himanshu had practicals,so me(with manas) and ashley went to himanshu’s place…lol..yeah we went to his place with him stranded in college.Maybe it will turn out like Monica’s place in Friends.It was raining heavily.Now the monsoon has been going on for a while in bombay and i still have never used my windcheater.Never.Didn’t even feel the need to.I had to take it out this time…was raining heavily.We reached his place.Some jokes about Ashley’s ‘gay’ shorts later..Aditicalls me saying she is leaving college now…i resisted her puppy whining sounds…yes!!power to the man!!!Tell himanshu through her to come for band practice fast.

Finally himanshu turns up,sets up his drum kit…oh are we ready to rock?the current goes.We pack up,its raining very heavily now.Manas and me walk to college,water is about ankle deep…i know its nothing.but still my shoes were getting wet..not the best day to wear sneakers.We are whining about the water being filled with dog poop and then we see this guy peeing in the water,right in front of us.Disgusted beyond any limit,we somehow manage to evade the flowing pee.I hope we did.Go to college,take Manas’ bike.He offers to drop me home(well almost).He is being of some use now.Well so i’m finally going home,its about 2 mins from college by bike.

A minute later…we are about knee deep in water.The idiot that manas is,drives the bike right in knee deep water!!!the bike is gone…its dead…its whatever you call it.Its raining damn heavily now.We see another fellow driving the bike into the water.But a mechanic standing by the road actually helps him and his bike is alive!!!We push the bike towards him and he waves us away saying the bike is gone.That is inspiring.Manas makes me push the bike while he is sitting on it to do some push start thing…does this even work????tried it about 5 times.My jeans feels all weird… liked ripped from down till about the knee!!!holy torn jeans.I try folding it up and it doesnt stay above the knee…its like halfway between my knee and feet…and it feels very weird.I feel like tintin!!!we push the bike all the way back to where we started from,find a mechanic..spend a lot of my money and about 2 hrs later…we are back where we started,right in front of the college.This time we take another route…im back home!And find out now that bombay is drowning and its the end of the world!!!Had thoughts about a bearded guy going past the hostel in a big boat and me turning it down coz i will not be able to sleep beside elephants who were making a lot of noise..hmm…i really dont know how to end this.

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