Keep on rocking in the free world-September 03,2005

Typing here after a real long time.I had lost interest in blogging.Exactly a month later i’m blogging again.Its 2 in the night and pearl jam is playing on my wmp.

I’m in that kind of mood where i’m confused about what exactly i’m supposed to feel.Will elaborate on that in a while.

August has been one of the best month of my life.And i’m so thankful to whomever i’m supposed to be. Started with me finding out that i had lost my atm card.And i was realizing it a whole 2 weeks after i had actually lost it.Luckily no loss other than the loss of the card…i even had my college fees in my account.Called up icici and they said it would take 22 working days for me to get it.Now how can they say this so accurately…why 22 days?Is it a 22 step procedure to make a card??why does it take so long anyways??As i’m writing this i still haven’t got my card…it apparently went from bank to courier service to my hostel to courier service to hostel to courier service and now its on its way back to the bank. Not to go deep into the bad things in life…the good things that happened would be…my band Silent Lucidity recorded 2 songs in the studio.Not fully done yet…should be getting it soon.

I got my 6th sem results…finally good marks…got 69 %…aditi got 72… is great and coz of life being so incredibly great…i was elligible for placements in college(totally Five Point Someone)…and yeah i got placed…Godrej Infotech…didn’t even have to tell i fantasize parmeshwar godrej :)….hehe…there’s some gross thought for everyone.

The past 1 week has been hectic…was practicing for our FE nite.After four days of practice,the function turned out to be a disaster.We usually get a DJ for our disc.The same guy handles sound while the hindi musicals and rock show is going on.But we have been getting the same guy for the past 7 years.So everyone was bored of him…so we called a new guy.He was a good DJ…but he didn’t know anything about sound management.He messed up everything.We couldn’t even play half the songs we practiced.Anyways practice will not go to waste…can play these songs in the next function,which will be next semester.About the rock show…the sound was so bad…we didn’t care about how we sounded …so we went all out on stage presence…wish i had more photos…but aditi didn’t take many…!!!!That could have been the only time in my life when i would be lying down and playing.Damn.

Anyways…the fe nite…although a disaster…was major fun.After this we left for dinner and came back to college.Raj and himanshu(seniors) were there…so we decided to jam up a bit.It was super fun…lots of people and booze.The electricity went after a while…we needed light…so we lit a bonfire in the room…hehe…well the power came back as soon as we packed everything in and came out of the room. Later we went to hegde’s house…its like a separate building for them…its a nice place…cheap too.All of us spoke about stuff…had food and slept.Five of us sleeping together…and me literally sleeping with the RAGS(RAIT Gay Society) chairman…ganna.

Had to wake up early and go to college to return the amp and speaker to the college….(damn…i have become puneet mittal).Anyways…after i returned the speaker…i had taken ashley’s i card…i remember putting it in my pocket.I haven’t seen it since then…have been searching it everywhere…still haven’t found it.God save me…While searching for it,i was going through some of the stuff in my table drawer…i got some of the things from first and second year and for some weird coincidence…a sad song like Pearl Jam-Black had to play.Got me very nostalgic…about the times in first year…i seriously wish i could go back…wish i had met aditi then…would things have been this great…i have only 2 friends in first year…they seem to be my only friends still.People came and people went.I have realised how weird and sick people can get?How weird and sick am i for them?I’m in that kind of mood where i’m confused about what exactly i’m supposed to feel.Should i be sad that ill never get this time back again or should i be happy that it happened?

I have my gre in 13 days and i still can’t write anything good.


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