Mediocrity-October 17,2007

Yes…that defines what my life is.My life has been a whole lot of averages.I am average at pretty much everything i do.Yeah i do a lot of things…but i am not too good at any of them nor am i too bad.So where does that leave me…mediocre!I am of average height…average looks…being a comp science student im an average programmer, i am about average in all my classes.I am an average bass player who gets to play only in mediocre bands.I love football so much…but im pretty much …you guessed it…an average player.There isn’t a single thing i do well.Twenty three years of existence…nothing!

But it wasn’t always like this.I used to be pretty good at things when i was in school.Like before i was 11-12 years of age.I used to be good at a lot of things and had awesome potential(i know im bragging…but next sentence will explain its not).So considering the mean/average life i have,my early life being good and current life being average,where does that leave the latter part of my life….horrible?

I don’t like the way things are going…signing off now

Average Sandeep

Heck even this blog is average!

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