We got time for one more…-September 24,2005

We got time for one more…1..2..3..4..

What the fuck is this world

Running to?

You didn’t leave a message

At least I could have

Learned your voice one last time.

Daily minefield

This could be my time

How ’bout you?

Would you hit me?

Would you hit me?

Thats how i see it…I rock…the extra song we are gonna be playing when farhad wadia comes and says his typical ‘One more…’ to the band that receives the best crowd response.

Three problems:

1.The last irock is this year

2.We ain’t good enough to play at i rock

3.We can’t play Porch anyways.:)

Sad that i won’t even be able to go for the last i rock.Busy week coming up.Parents coming on Sunday,my toefl on Monday(writing this on sat night…i still don’t know anything about toefl…not even the pattern),going to shirdi on tuesday and parents leaving on sat…so 1st day of irock is definitely out of the question.I so wanted to watch Vayu.I could go for the second day…but then i wasn’t that interested for the second day anyways and i don’t have anyone to go with.Most of my friends are going only for the first day….have to think about that.

Since my blog entries are so far and wide i have a lot to write…but ill summarize whatever i got to say. I went to shivneri last sunday.Just 4 of us…me,sundaram,phatak and pain.First of just four of us was kinda odd(i really don’t know why…maybe coz it wasn’t like 4 guys and it wasn’t like it was 2 couples either…hmm…anyways as Mr.vidhate used to say …Anyways)Trip was really great …lots of things happened.In short…It took us 5 hrs than the expected 3…we got shivaji-like treatment in a small restaurant in junnar(finger bowl et al)…walked 2 and half hrs than the expected half an hr(half an hr my ass!!!!!).Now here is where it baffles me….Why is shivaji given so much credit?My history ain’t that good.Was in ICSE…we had to learn about stupid British prudes than our indian heroes.Firstly he didn’t win any big battles.The ones he won were coz he broke some codes of war…he attacked at night!Secondly he is famous because he resisted mughal attacks for 6-7 months.Which is not that great if you see where he built his magic fort.Its on top of a freakin steep cliff.There is no way anyone could ahve reached there in 6-7 months.Hence Aurangzeb took that long to reach up there.And the best part is …there is no freakin fort!!!!The gates are big…but where is the fort.That is what confused Mr.Aurangzeb too…he expected the fort to be big…hence he got a large army…thus taking 6-7 months.And hence elevating Shivaji to become the biggest celebrity in Bombay….oops sorry Mumbai(yeah rite after what i have written above…i don’t think i can be pardoned by shiv sena by saying mumbai instead of bombay 🙂 )

Alrite so after we see the magical fort…our trip back home was slightly eventful.The bus back home could not continue coz the road was blocked…there was some accident.So we had to take a lift back to chakan…a bus from there to mumbai.The bus ride was in the driver’s cabin…4+2 of us cramped in there for 5 hrs.

My band looking for gigs now…now that we are kinda good.Gave our profile to jazz(NJJBTB)…couldn’t meet Joe Sequiera…hope he calls back.Got few other places we can try too…if u all know any place…please comment…We will play anywhere 🙂

Thats all for now.

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  1. I was very ignorant about shivaji when I posted this

  2. Aah… memories refreshed…
    still have those bangles we bought der… remember??

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